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Jennifer is a strategic management consultant and researcher with a focus on creating solutions for vulnerable populations to alleviate disparities in health and education and promote economic independence. Jennifer has a decade of experience working with underserved and marginalized populations, including American Indian and Alaska Native and rural east African communities. Jennifer’s notable professional skills include management, research design and development, program design and evaluation, strategic planning and implementation, public policy research and advocacy, capacity-building, and technical assistance.


Jennifer's research specialty is in implementation and impact evaluation. Her research focuses on health systems strengthening and community health. She has designed many evaluations focusing on measuring the efficacy of implementation and impact that health programs and services have had on communities, including a multi-year, multi-district evaluation of the Rwandan Ministry of Health community health program. The evaluation incorporated both qualitative and quantitative methodology. She also develeped a qualitative impact evaluation of a community maternal and neonatal health program. Additionally, she developed a quantitative analysis of the relationship between abuse, psychological symptoms, and self-efficacy among HIV-positive individuals.


Jennifer has been instrumental in building community partnerships, designing research studies, facilitating workshops and capacity-building sessions, developing training curricula, coordinating technical assistance to improve programs and services, and leading procurement efforts. She also has experience in monitoring policy development and conducting policy analysis on a range of issues including health, education, economic development, welfare, and financial education. She has implemented grassroots education and mobilization strategies and facilitated government leadership work groups to develop consensus solutions. 

Imagine + Design + Implement + Impact

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